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How do I use Saved Search?
How do I use Saved Search?

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Saved search gives you the ability to get real-time updates on books you’re after based on any search term along with filters such as price range or condition.

Here’s how it works:

  • Start by entering any search term into the search bar on PangoBooks and tap to see all results from the suggestions that come up.

  • On the search result page, you’ll see a small flag up top that says “Save this search” which, obviously enough, you can use to add that search to your saved searches.

  • Before saving any search, you can apply filters such as price range, condition, category, and more. Any filter you apply before saving the search will set it so that you’ll only get updates from books that match all those parameters. This is especially handy if you only want to get alerts for relevant books under a certain price, for example.

  • Once the search is saved, you’ll receive app notifications about new results as they get listed. You can turn off the notifications by going to the “My Saved Searches” page in your account and tapping the little bell symbol.

  • On this “My Saved Searches” page, you can also quickly access all results for each search or remove any searches you no longer wish to follow.

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