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What is “Hey Pango”?
What is “Hey Pango”?

Information on the PangoBooks AI chat bot for recommendations.

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Hey Pango is an AI-driven chatbot we developed to help folks find fantastic book recommendations tailored to their taste. Just ask Pango—our friendly Pangolin mascot— about the sorts of books you’re interested in, and it’ll come back with personalized recommendations. Pango’s picks are based on various factors including critical acclaim, popularity, relevance, availability, and more.

The Hey Pango tool is in its early development stages and we absolutely welcome any feedback you might have about how it functions or the recommendations it gives you. We recognize that some questions can take a while to get answers, and improved speeds is something we hope will come over time.

The tech underlying the Hey Pango chatbot is always expanding and learning, and the more folks use this feature and give feedback, the more insightful it will become. Let us know if you have any questions or feedback of any kind through the chat box on this page or by contacting via email.

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