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How do I set a minimum free shipping amount for my shop?
How do I set a minimum free shipping amount for my shop?

How do I set free shipping? What is free shipping? How can I have free shipping?

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Offering free shipping on your shop is a fantastic way to find more buyers and encourage higher dollar orders!

To create a free shipping offer, go to “My Inventory and Discounts” on the account page in our app. Under this tab, you can set a minimum free shipping amount. Doing so will make it so that you will cover shipping costs for orders that total over the amount specified. The free shipping offer will be displayed on your shop page and all your individual listings, which will encourage folks who were maybe only going to buy one book to buy multiple books from you when placing an order.

After a qualifying order has been placed, you can ship the book or books as you normally would. After delivery, the associated shipping costs will be deducted from your final payout on the order.

For more general info on shipping on Pango, see this article.

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