On PangoBooks, buyers cover the cost of shipping, with the exception of when they have hit the Free Shipping minimum on a shop. Once that minimum is met, the seller is responsible for the shipping costs.

As a seller, you can set a minimum Free Shipping amount. For example, say you select $30 as your Free Shipping minimum. If a buyer spends $30 or more on your bookshelf, they will receive free shipping. The price of shipping will come out of your earnings when released to you. You can edit this minimum at any time, or choose not to include a Free Shipping option on your shop.

As a seller, how much can you expect to pay in shipping? Bundles average $7 but can range from $4 to $12 depending on the size and quantity of the order. Please consider this when setting your minimum free shipping amount. For more detailed information on shipping costs by weight, please see the "How is Shipping Cost Determined?" article below.

As a buyer, you will receive free shipping when you hit a shop's Free Shipping minimum. This information will be available on the seller's bookshop profile as well as on any of the book's detail pages. Not all sellers have a Free Shipping option on their profile. Please note that if you are making a multi-store purchase, Free Shipping only applies if you hit the minimum for each individual shop.

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