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How does free shipping work?
How does free shipping work?

What does Free Shipping mean? Who pays shipping when you hit the Free Shipping minimum? How do I set up Free Shipping in my shop?

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On PangoBooks, buyers pay for shipping by default. However, we do have a tool that allows sellers to offer free shipping on orders over a certain dollar amount. When a buyer meets that minimum on an order, the shipping costs will be covered by the seller instead of the buyer. These free shipping offers will be shown on individual listings as well as shop pages.

As a seller, you can set a minimum free shipping amount from your account menu on our app under "My Inventory and Discounts." For example, say you select $30 as your Free Shipping minimum. If a buyer spends $30 or more on your bookshelf, they will receive free shipping. The price of shipping will come out of your earnings when released to you. You can edit this minimum at any time, or choose not to include a free shipping option on your shop.

Additionally, opting into Priority Mail program for orders over $100, located in "My Shipping Options", you will also be auto-enrolling in free shipping for orders over the $100 threshold.

For buyers, looking for shops that have a free shipping offer is a great way to find awesome deals on Pango. Please note that if you are making a multi-store purchase, free shipping only applies if you hit the minimum for each individual shop.

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