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Printing the Label and Packing the Order
How should I pack my order? Can I use any box or mailer to ship the book?
How should I pack my order? Can I use any box or mailer to ship the book?

What should I use to ship my books? Can I reuse old packing to ship my books? Can I use a Priority Mail envelope?

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Congrats on making a sale! Here are some guidelines on how to successfully pack your order:

  • If possible, use one package for all books in an order! If you need to use more than one package for your order, please see the related questions below.

  • You can reuse boxes or envelopes you've already received in the mail, or purchase a bubble mailer or small box from your local office store or post office. Either reusing or purchasing new boxes is great, as long as the box is in good condition to ship the book!

  • Choose the appropriate sized package. If you are using a mailer, ensure that the book does not have space to move around too much and is not overstuffed. If you are using a box, make sure to use additional packing materials such as bubble wrap to prevent the book from shifting around too much in transit.

  • Unless you are shipping specifically with Priority Mail service, do not use Priority Mail boxes or envelopes provided by USPS. Our labels are Media Mail by default and if a Media Mail label is used on a Priority Mail box, it will likely result in surcharges for your buyer upon delivery.

  • Boxes that once contained alcohol, cosmetics, or cleaning supplies must have markings completely removed or obliterated, as USPS will treat the boxes as if those contents are within if the markings are not removed. In these cases, your shipments will most likely be returned to you.

For a detailed explanation of best practices and tips, check out this article on our blog!

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