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What is the Bucks Back program?
What is the Bucks Back program?

PangoBucks Back. Pango Bucks Back. Pango's rewards program. 5% Rewards on Earnings.

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Bucks Back is a rewards program that offers 5% PangoBucks on your purchases when you pay using earnings from your sales! All PangoBooks users are eligible to earn bucks back through this program.

To get started earnings bucks back, ensure that your listings are up-to-date and ready to sell. When you make a sale, you can then use those earnings to purchase other books on the platform, which will earn you 5% bonus bucks back to your account!

How do I earn PangoBucks?

PangoBucks can be earned by selling books on Pango. Earnings from sales are released to you 72 hours after a book is marked as delivered. You can transfer your earnings to a bank or PayPal account or keep them in your PangoBooks account and use them to buy other books. If you spend your earnings on other books on Pango, you’ll automatically receive a 5% bonus back on your account in the form of more PangoBucks! Learn more about selling here.

How long does it take for my bonus bucks to get added to my account?

Your 5% PangoBucks bonus will be added to your account whenever you complete a purchase using your earnings.

How do I spend my PangoBucks?

When checking out for a purchase on the Pango website or app, you have the option to select “Pay with PangoBucks.” When doing so, you’ll be able to see exactly how much of your purchase is being covered by your earnings and bonus bucks!

Do bonus PangoBucks generate additional rewards?

The only funds that earn the 5% back bonus are funds you earn from your Pango sales. The bonus bucks themselves do not receive an additional rebate. For example, if you make a purchase using $20 in your PangoBucks earnings and $5 in bonus credit from a previous purchase, your new bonus reward will only be $1 (5% of $20).

What happens if the order is canceled or refunded?

If you use any Pango earnings on a purchase that gets canceled and refunded before it ships, the 5% bonus bucks will be removed from your account. You will be able to use the earnings you spent on the purchase to buy something else (and earn the 5% bonus again, of course!).

Do my bucks back ever expire?

PangoBucks you earn from selling books never expire. All of our promotional offers and bonus bucks do have an expiration date. The 5% bonus bucks expire 365 days after they are added to your account.

Can I transfer my bonus PangoBucks?

While any PangoBucks you earn from book sales can be transferred off of our platform at any time, the bonus bucks you earn from spending earnings are not transferable. They can only be used to make purchases on the PangoBooks platform.

Where can I find out how much PangoBucks credit I have on my account?

You can see your total earnings and PangoBucks bonus credit at any time on our app under “My Earnings.”

Can I add PangoBucks onto my account without selling?

PangoBucks can only be earned by selling books on Pango or through the promotional offers. There is currently no way to buy additional PangoBucks.

Does the Bucks Back program apply to my older purchases?

The Bucks Back program launched on February 13, 2024 and only purchases made on or after this date are eligible for bucks back.

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