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How do I create a sale or special discount offer on my shop?
How do I create a sale or special discount offer on my shop?

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As a seller, you can add a discount offer to your shop to give potential buyers a special deal on your inventory. Doing so is a great way to stand out on PangoBooks and encourage potential buyers to buy multiple books from you at the same time.

To initiate a sale, go to your Account screen on the app and follow these steps:

  • Select “My Inventory & Discounts.”

  • Select “Discounts & Free Shipping” on the next screen.

  • Choose to create a “Percent-based Discount” or a “Value-based Discount.”

  • Set the amount you would like to discount and the minimum purchase requirement.

The “Percent-based Discount” or a “Value-based Discount” options work similarly and give buyers either a percent off their total purchase from you or a set dollar amount discount. In both cases, you can set a minimum purchase requirement to earn this discount — for example, you can set it so that buyers get $5 off when purchasing $25 or more from your shop.

When you create a discount offer, it will be valid on every listing in your shop. There is currently no way to exclude certain listings. You can add multiple offers at the same time, but be aware that buyers will receive all qualifying active discounts on your shop when making a purchase from you.

When you add a discount offer to your shop, the details will be displayed on your shop page as well as on your individual listings. Your listings will also exhibit a small sale icon when they show up in search results and other places on the PangoBooks app.

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