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How is the shipping cost determined?
How is the shipping cost determined?

How much does shipping cost? What shipping methods do you use? Who pays shipping?

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Shipping cost is determined by the weight range of the book selected by the seller at the time of listing. All books ship via USPS Media Mail. Buyers pay the cost of shipping unless they have met the free shipping minimum in a seller's store, in which case the seller pays shipping.

Current shipping cost by weight:

  • 0-1lb - $4.21

  • 1-2lb - $4.95

  • 2-3lb - $5.69

  • 3-4lb - $6.43

  • 4-5lb - $7.17

  • 5-6lb - $7.93

  • 6-7lb - $8.65

  • 7-8lb - $9.41

  • 8-9lb - $10.17

  • 9-10lb - $10.93

For listings of multiple books or if the generated weight is incorrect, you will also have the option to enter the exact weight in ounces. If you have a scale handy, please check the weight of the book as part of your listing process.

For buyers looking to save on shipping, we highly recommend looking for sellers with a free shipping offer on their shop, and buying multiple books from them!

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