Shipping cost is determined by the weight range of the book selected by the seller at the time of listing. All books ship via USPS Media Mail. Buyers pay the cost of shipping unless they have met the Free Shipping minimum in a seller's store.

Shipping cost by weight range:

  • 0-1lbs: $3.65

  • 1-2lbs: $4.35

  • 2-4lbs: $5.75

  • 4-6lbs: $7.15

  • 6-8lbs: $8.55

  • 8-10lbs: $9.95

The best way to determine the weight is with a postal scale - however, we realize that most people do not have one. Most paperback books fall into the 0 to 2 lbs range. An average 2 lb hardcover book is 9.5" tall, 6.25" wide, 1.5" deep, and has about 500 pages. Books smaller than this can safely be listed in the 0 to 2 lb range. Anything larger should be classified in the 2 to 4 lb range. If you suspect the book may weigh more than 4 lbs then it is best to weigh it and select the range accordingly.

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