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What are PangoBooks's listing guidelines?
What are PangoBooks's listing guidelines?
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Listing and Community Guidelines

Here at PangoBooks, our goal is to create the best and most welcoming place possible for folks to buy and sell books. We celebrate and welcome every type of book and every type of reader into our community, regardless of genre, reading level, or any other factor.

When selling books on PangoBooks and interacting with other users, we have some guidelines we expect every community member to follow. Review this page for an overview of our standards and expectations, and feel free to contact our support team if you have any questions or feedback whatsoever.

Guidelines for PangoBooks Listings and Shops

  • Every book listing must include at least one original image of the actual physical book being sold. We do not allow the use of stock images on used books. We encourage sellers to add multiple images to show as much detail as possible.

  • Every listing also needs to include at least one hashtag in the description. We also encourage sellers to write full descriptions that communicate what readers interested in the book may want to know.

  • Listings on PangoBooks should be for individual books or in some cases, bundles or collections, such as books in a series that are being offered as a set. We discourage sellers from listing large libraries or boxes of books as individual listings.

  • To ensure a safe and secure shopping experience, PangoBooks listings cannot include calls for prospective buyers to communicate outside of PangoBooks to complete the transaction.

  • PangoBooks listings are for books only and closely related items only. Items that do not qualify for USPS Media Mail must be shipped with labels purchased by the sellers (click here for additional information).

  • PangoBooks reserves the right to remove content at any time for any reason.

  • PangoBooks shop pages should include a short biography that tells other readers a little bit about your shop and book tastes. Sellers on PangoBooks should also add a profile picture.

  • Shop pages cannot point to outside sales channels in an attempt to divert sales off of the PangoBooks platform.

  • When listing your book on PangoBooks, please choose the most accurate description for the condition of the book. In addition to choosing the condition of the book, the written description should include noticeable flaws, such as marker on the pages or rips in the dust jacket of hardcovers. PangoBooks conditions are as follows:

    • New: Books in New condition have never been read, are in flawless shape, and are exactly as they come from the publisher. This condition is intended mostly for professional book retailers and distributors, and folks selling self-published books directly.

    • Like New: Like New condition is intended for books on your shelves that are more or less the same as a new book from a retailer. Like New books should be completely free of any signs of use. If you are unsure, classify it as “Excellent” instead.

    • Excellent: Books in Excellent condition are still in great shape overall but can show signs of having been read. These books may not be quite as “crisp” as those in Like New condition but are still free of any obvious defects.

    • Good: Good condition books may have some flaws or signs of wear, but nothing that affects the book’s readability. This can include things like added library sleeves, some bends in the corners or spine, or occasional markings in the margins or highlights.

    • Fair: Books that exhibit obvious imperfections or damage but are still totally readable should be classified as Fair. Compared to Good condition books, those in Fair condition will be more outwardly worn with more severe cracks or bends, and with a higher number of markings and highlights.

    • Poor: Books in Poor condition will have major conditional problems and damage that will affect the readability of the book. Poor condition books may have structural damage to the spine, missing pages, or other severe issues.

  • All listings on PangoBooks must be books available to be sold. Announcements of sales as a listing is not permitted. When announcing shop sales or discounts, do so in the Threads section or in your Bio.

  • PangoBooks does not allow the sale of books that are deliberately abusive, racist, or threatening to a specific group of people. If any such books are listed, they will be reviewed and removed at the sole discretion of the PangoBooks team.

  • Books with covers that exhibit nudity or graphic violence can be sold but may be barred from the main page of the site and app.

  • In cases where a book is being sold that is in violation of an agreement with a publisher, PangoBooks reserves the right to remove the listing from our platform.

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