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What if the tracking on my order hasn’t been updated?
What if the tracking on my order hasn’t been updated?

For when the seller shipped or the shipping status is not clear.

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Sometimes, it can take a little bit of time before USPS scans media mail labels into their tracking system, especially if a book was dropped at a drop box and not taken directly to a post office. In other cases, a book may actually be delivered without showing any tracking updates at all (as frustrating as that is).

For these reasons, we usually recommend waiting a bit longer before considering a package lost after a seller has marked the order as shipped. At any point, you can send a message to the seller on the order to see if they can provide any info on the shipping status. You are also welcome to contact the PangoBooks support team and we can look into any specific order more closely.

Normally, our policy is to wait 30 days for delivery before considering a package lost and issuing a refund. However, if we have reason to believe it is lost before the 30-day mark is reached, we can certainly offer a refund ahead of that. In these cases when the order has been shipped but was lost in transit, we do also pay the seller their earnings on the sale regardless.

If you receive a book but the tracking still hasn't been updated, you can mark it as received from your account in our app or let us know and we can manually set the order to received in our system. See this page for more information.

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