USPS may return a package to the sender if there is a problem with the shipping address, the type of packaging used, or the delivery location.

If you are the buyer and see that tracking indicates "return to sender processed," please get in contact with the seller to let them know the book is being returned to them, and confirm your full shipping address with PangoBooks support or the seller themselves.

If you are the seller and a package is returned to you, please contact the buyer to confirm their mailing address and then reach out to PangoBooks support providing a photo of the returned package/notice from USPS, if possible (photos may help us determine why the package was returned to you).

From there, someone on our team will be happy to generate a new shipping label for the seller to re-ship the book, at no additional cost to either the buyer or seller. Sellers, please note that you will need a new shipping label to reship the order back to the buyer, as shipping labels are not able to be used more than once.

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